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Make the Most of Microsoft Office 365 with Sync

April 14, 2021

Victoria Donovan
Content Specialist at Sync

Sync and Microsoft Office 365

Did you know you can use every single version of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Microsoft 365 with Sync? From your desktop, phone, tablet, or web, opening and editing Microsoft documents is super easy, no matter how you prefer to work. With over a billion Microsoft documents stored in Sync right now, and millions more being uploaded and shared with Sync every single day, it’s no wonder Microsoft Office is still the leading Office suite 30 years later. So how can you create the most awe-inspiring work and crunch the most awe-inspiring numbers using Office with Sync?

Office for the web

Office for the web is integrated right into the Sync web panel—no desktop apps required—which is a productivity and accessibility game-changer. When you open and edit your Microsoft documents live on the web, all your edits are automatically saved back to Sync and immediately available to your entire team. It’s that easy!

The web editor includes almost all of the same features as the tried-and-true desktop software, with a familiar layout, and support for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. And all of the standard formatting features are there as well, including bullets, font, headers, and page layout options. 90% of what you can do on the desktop, you can do directly on the web. Notably absent, however, are captions, formatting options for bibliographies, and you won’t be able to use Smart Art. Overall, working with large, complex documents and advanced spreadsheets is probably better left for the desktop, but you can get plenty of work done on the web.

Perhaps the best thing about Office for the web is that live editing will revolutionize how your team collaborates. You can see who else is working on the document, their cursors, and their comments, all while making your own edits at the exact same time. Real-time collaboration means you won’t have multiple versions of a document to deal with, and your team can work from anywhere, always saving back to Sync. Next-level stuff.

a screenshot of word for the web.

Microsoft mobile apps

Do you work on the go? Microsoft provides mobile apps for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint—all of which you can use directly with Sync. Opening, editing, and saving your documents in Sync from the Microsoft mobile apps enhance your phone and tablet capabilities in a big way.

Bringing Office to the small screen means that the layout has been optimized for tappy fingers, and it might not be feasible to tap out your Director’s Cut on a pocket-sized device. But with a tablet and keyboard attached, the mobile apps come close to being a true alternative to the desktop apps. Almost all the features are there, which means working on the go has never been easier. As Microsoft once said, “Where do you want to go today?

Classic Microsoft Office for the desktop

Office for the desktop has been the de-facto document editing suite for 30+ years. So it’s no wonder it’s been labelled the Classic version. A true classic for sure. With Sync installed on your computer, you can continue to use all the desktop Microsoft apps you love without any changes to your workflow. Open and edit your documents from the Sync folder, and everything will always be in Sync, and readily available from your other computers and devices. Even better, with the power of Sync, your Microsoft documents are protected with file revision history and deleted file recovery, meaning you can restore previous versions of your documents any time, even if deleted. A true live saver.

Get started today

Microsoft Office is still the go-to office suite in the workplace, and if you’re using Office you can enhance your workflows, improve your productivity, and keep everything safe, secure, and backed up with Sync. Get started with Microsoft Office today.

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