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Release notes: fast downloads, web thumbnails, share folder controls, and more

March 28, 2023

Victoria Donovan
Content Specialist at Sync

Sync cloud storage release notes

Sync just keeps getting better! Now with ridiculously fast download speeds, advanced share folder controls, picture-perfect web panel thumbnails, and a whole lot more. Take your syncing experience to the next level with these incredible new features. Let’s get into it.

Save time with faster downloads

You asked, we listened! Downloading from the web panel is now much faster. And the entire process has been streamlined with a one-click downloader, open buttons for video, and speedier transfers. Download even your biggest files with time to spare!

We’ve also upgraded the open button so you can stream web-friendly video formats without waiting for them to download first. Time really does fly when you’re having fun downloading. Sign in to the web to be amazed →

Stay compliant with new share owner controls

Transferring ownership of team share folders just got easier and do-it-yourself. Got a new project owner? Looking to improve your organization’s data governance? Making plans for your upcoming retirement? As the current share folder owner, we bestow upon you the power to make the change without disrupting your workflows. Here’s how →

Work smarter with web panel thumbnails

Introducing picture-perfect file listings on the web. Upload photos using the web panel and get instant, at-a-glance, in-line image previews (no desktop app required). We give this feature two-thumbs up! web panel thumbnails.
Sync better on mobile with these updates

Accessing your files on-the-go is now even better with these new mobile app features and fixes:

  • Background automatic camera upload is faster and more reliable
  • Face ID and Touch ID sign in works better on supported devices
  • Streaming audio and video is easier, and your screen won’t turn off
  • Significant fixes to stop crashes and improve stability

If you haven’t installed the Sync app on your phone or tablet, do it now, because there’s nothing quite like having the power of Sync in your pocket. Get them now →

Improved reliability with infrastructure upgrades

We are committed to delivering enterprise-grade performance, reliability, and uptime. And we’re doing that through significant investments to our infrastructure and data centers. Our engineering team has been rolling out hardware upgrades to keep up with demand, stay ahead of the supply chain, and ensure Sync can scale. What this means for you is faster, more reliable cloud storage and syncing. Read more about how your data is protected →

A more human experience with refined messaging

To err is human. To run into cryptic error messages that are impossible to decipher is not. We’ve refined the messaging on the web panel to be more human readable to ensure you know exactly what is happening and what to do. No headaches here!

Help shape the future

We are powered by you. Have a feature request you’d love to see? Let us know →

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