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How do I enable email-based Password Reset?

This feature provides an email-authentication method of resetting a lost or forgotten password (otherwise with Sync, you can only reset your password locally, through an installed Sync desktop application).

Should I enable this feature?

By default, Sync does not provide an email-based password reset option, due to the Zero-Knowledge nature of our storage platform. This means that by default, if you’ve forgotten your password, and you do not have the Sync desktop app installed, you will get locked out of your account permanently.

Enabling this feature allows you to reset a lost or forgotten password at all times. It is important to note that usage of this feature gives Sync’s automated systems temporary access to your encryption keys, when the feature is enabled or used.

We cannot enable or disable this feature on your behalf, technically only you can, locally from your web browser.

To enable (or disable) password reset:

You can enable this feature during signup, or anytime afterwards from the web panel.

1. Log into your Sync account
2. Click on your profile name on the top right corner
3. Select Account Settings
4. Click the Security tab
5. Click Change Settings under the Password Recovery option

recovery 6. Check mark Password reset is disabled (check to enable)
7. Enter your current password to enable the change
8. Click enable password reset


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