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How do I recover from ransomware that has corrupted or renamed my files?

Here’s what you can do to recover your files in Sync, if your computer or device has been infected with ransomware:

1. Unlink the device from Sync:

You’ll need to disable (unlink) the infected computer or device from your Sync account. If you don’t know which device is infected, you should unlink every device.

2. Restore your files or folders:

You can restore individual files or folders using file version history. This will allow you to select a previous, clean version of any file in Sync, to restore.

If you need to restore a large number of files, our support team can help you roll back all files in your Sync folder to a previous date or time. Contact us to get started with an account roll back.

3. Re-link the device:

Important: before re-linking a computer or device you’ll need to:

  • Make sure your computer is free from ransomware. You’ll need to remove the malware / ransomware infection from your computer (using antivirus software).
  • Delete the Sync folder with the encrypted or corrupted ransomware files on your unlinked computer. Doing so will ensure that when you re-link your device, the Sync app will download the restored and recovered files from the cloud, creating a new, clean Sync folder.

Learn how to re-link your computer or device.

Contact us if you need help or have questions regarding this process.

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