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Installation Error: #1625

Error #1625 is a Windows error that comes up during installation if a security policy on the computer has been enabled. You can adjust the setting to allow you to install but you will have to login as an Administrator to make the changes. To check:

  • Click on Start, type Control Panel and press Enter
  • Click on User Accounts. Under your name, it would indicate if you are an Administrator. If you are, proceed with the steps below, otherwise, you may have to let another user with Administrator rights to give you access to proceed.

Here’s how to fix the error:

    1. Click on Start and type gpedit.msc then press Enter
    2. Select Administrative Templates under Computer Configuration


    1. Double-click on Windows Components


    1. Double-click on Windows Installer


    1. Go to Turn off Windows Installer and double-click on it to change the current state. Enabled means installation is restricted, resulting to Error #1625.


    1. Select Not Configured and click OK to save the changes.


  1. Click OK on the error prompt and retry installing.
  2. If you need to re-download the desktop app installer, click here.

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