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2021 in Review

January 18, 2022

Victoria Donovan
Content Specialist at Sync

Happy New Year!

It’s been a hot minute since we last reflected on the past, present, and future. But here we are now, stronger than ever, and ready to reflect. 2021 was an unprecedented year of new products, new features, and rapid growth at Sync. A lot happened. So much so that this is going to be a year in review like no other. Step aside Spotify, this is Sync Wrapped!


To get started, 2021 marked our tenth year of providing a safe space for the world to collaborate. A decade of dedication to keeping your data safe. Over 1.9 million businesses and individuals worldwide now use Sync to store important information, share big ideas, and collaborate on game-changing projects—making the world a better place. A world safely in Sync.

We continue to grow rapidly, and you’re part of that. Thank you so very much!

Sync 2021 statistics.

You asked, we listened

Your feedback is more important than ever, especially now that we’re all still working from a distance. Hearing from you helps us ensure that Sync has everything you need to get your best work done.

Here are your top 10 most requested Sync features that launched in 2021:

1. Unlimited storageTechnically you asked for more storage for your teams. So we focused-grouped it and concluded that you really can’t ask for more than unlimited. To infinity and beyond!

2. Apple silicon support – 2021 was the year Apple went next-gen with their M-series chips, and we went next-gen right along with them. By fully optimizing the Sync desktop app for Apple silicon as-soon-as-possible. Not everyone prioritized this. We did.

3. Phone support – We’re all about helping you, and what better way to get the answers you need than to have a real-time conversation with our expert customer support team? You talk, we listen. Problem solved.

4. CloudFiles BetaSave space on your desktop with files on demand. This brand-new, game-changing Pro feature went beta in August. It’s still got the beta label because we need more feedback from you. That’s right, we’re listening.

5. SOC-2More and more of you are using Sync to get work done at large organizations in regulated industries. That’s why we were so happy to announce that Sync successfully completed a System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type 1 audit late in the year. You’re safe with Sync.

6. Conversations on Links – Collecting feedback and getting approvals just got a whole lot easier in 2021. Because now you and everyone you share with can leave comments when sharing.

7. Slack safer – Share your documents and files stored in Sync on Slack without uploading them to Slack. Our Slack integration app is all about keeping your data safe and protected from unauthorized access.

8. Mobile app improvements – We heard you loud and clear. 2021 was the year we rolled out significant improvements to our automatic camera upload and sync offline features. With better performance, speed, and reliability, you can sync on the go much easier.

9. Create! – Get your new projects started quickly with a simple click. Create new documents right from the Sync Web Panel or in the mobile apps.

10. Introducing next level Pro – Finally, we launched two new top-tier plans in 2021: Pro Solo Professional and Pro Teams Unlimited. Elevate your business to the next level with best-in-class features, pricing, customer service, and monthly billing options. Be the most professional version of you.

Everything we do is driven by feedback from you. So please, keep the feedback coming!

A new website

With so much new stuff to talk about, 2021 seemed like the right time to launch a brand new website. The sleek new puts even more emphasis on keeping your data safe. It’s what we do.


2021 was a record year for individuals and businesses making the switch to Sync…by the hundreds of thousands. Are you looking for better security, privacy, pricing, features, and support from your cloud storage provider? Sync is the perfect Dropbox alternative.

Drop Dropbox and get in Sync

Looking ahead

Now, if you thought 2021 was amazing, just wait to see what we have in store for 2022! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook to be the first to know, and get all the news as it happens. Here’s to a successful new year! Stay safe, everyone.


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