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App Updates: Microsoft 365, Mobile App Enhancements, and More …

July 21, 2020

Team Lead at Sync

App updates: Microsoft 365, mobile app enhancements and more.

Edit Microsoft documents directly from the web panel!

Yes, you read that right, Sync now plays nice with Microsoft Office 365 Online! Sync Pro and Business customers can preview and edit documents in Sync (with a Microsoft Office 365 for Business license). You’ll find a shiny new Edit in Office web panel menu option, which you can use to edit “live”. And live edits are instantly synchronized to all of your computers and devices, making web-based collaboration a whole lot easier.


We’ve even put together a handy Microsoft Office getting started guide which covers how to open, edit and save your Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents to Sync using Microsoft’s powerful desktop, mobile, and web editors.

Learn more about using Microsoft Office with Sync

Mobile app updates

We’ve made a bunch of super awesome improvements to the mobile apps, all based on your feedback. Here’s what’s new:

  • New upload manager: Keep track of your active uploads, all under one roof. Under Settings / Manage Uploads you’ll find a queue of all active uploads, including both automatic and direct uploads.
  • New save option: When saving files to Sync from other apps on your mobile device, you now have the option of renaming before saving. No more random file names!
  • Passcode (PIN) lock auto-logout: As an added security measure, the mobile app now automatically logs itself out after five failed passcode attempts. Learn more about passcode lock here.
  • Automatic upload improvements: The latest 3.3.x app updates (available now) also include even more under-the-hood optimizations to help boost the performance of automatic camera uploads – especially when you’ve got thousands of photos in the queue.

Desktop app updates

Version 2.0.14 of the Sync desktop app is available for both Windows and Mac. If you’re already running Sync, you can update now by downloading and installing the app directly.

This update super charges syncing performance across very large file sets. We recommend updating if you’ve got hundreds of thousands of files (or more) in Sync.

Calling on anyone and everyone in Sync!

We’re looking for Sync success stories. If your company or organization uses Sync and has a story to tell we’d love to hear about it. We want to showcase people using Sync to do great things, and can provide a platform in front of millions of viewers, for your voice to be heard.

Help us get the word out, by contacting us today.

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