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Net Neutrality and the Future of the Internet

December 7, 2017

Team Lead at Sync

Net Neutrality.

Net neutrality is a hot topic right now, and for good reason. In a world so heavily dependent on the internet, many people view net neutrality as an essential liberty; similar to their right to free speech.

If the term is new to you, net neutrality is the principle that all online traffic be treated equally, regardless of content, user or website. In short, it’s the way the internet has always been – free and open to everyone; a level playing field that breeds innovation.

When you go online, you aren’t restricted to certain websites. You’re free to shop at any store, post a picture to social media, read comments in your favorite forum or make dinner reservations at the local restaurant down the street. Every site, big or small, is available to you. This is net neutrality.

But up until 2 years ago, there was no legislation in place to protect this free and open internet.

Your liberties at risk 

In 2015, millions of people came together and succeeded in securing strong net neutrality rules from the FCC. These rules ensure internet service providers (like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon) can’t restrict your access to competitor’s websites or prioritize content from companies that can afford to pay them a premium for better service.

But new legislators are attempting to repeal the rules set in place in 2015; less government control cited as the chief reason for the move.

Our stance 

At Sync, we believe in and support net neutrality. In fact, the neutrality of the internet is a main reason why we and so many other startups have been able to succeed.

The internet in its current form (neutral) gives us all a voice, a platform. And we each have the ability to use our voices and platforms the way we see fit… Whether that means starting our own businesses, blogging to raise awareness for important causes or just sharing another cat video.

We don’t want to see our liberties taken away and believe the future of the internet depends on strong net neutrality laws.

How you can help

If you believe in the neutrality of the internet as well, we encourage you to do something about it! There are numerous ways to make a difference such as contacting members of congress, signing petition forms and educating your friends and family on the issue.

For more information on the importance of net neutrality and how you can support the cause, visit –

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