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Release notes: new teams plan, view-only video sharing, rotate images, and more!

August 21, 2023

Victoria Donovan
Content Specialist at Sync

Sync cloud storage release notes

Welcome to Sync release notes, where we showcase all the brand-new features that have that glorious new car smell. There’s a new teams plan, a new video sharing feature, the ability to rotate mobile images, and whole lot more, so fasten your seatbelts and read on!

Manage your team better with Pro Teams+ Unlimited

Big news! We are excited to announce an all-new Pro Teams plan: Sync Pro Teams+ Unlimited! Now, no matter how many employees you manage, Sync makes it easy to scale up and stay in control of your data. Pro Teams+ Unlimited includes role-based access controls (Sync RBAC), 2FA enforcement company-wide, multiple admins, CSV user provisioning, and so much more. Read more →

Share safer with view-only permissions on videos

Link permissions got a security boost on Sync Pro! Enabling the preview permission view only (no download) on links to videos makes sharing more secure because recipients can view the video, but never download it to their computer or device. Keep your data safe with Sync, even when sharing. Share safer today →

Spin your photos round and round

Say goodbye to upside down photos and say hello to rotating photos on the mobile app to get things looking great. And even better, rotation is preserved on your other devices too! Get the mobile app →

Sync even faster with the ultimate desktop app

The fastest and most stable desktop app just got even faster and more stable. Version 2.2.20 further optimizes resource usage, speeds up the processing of large data sets, and addresses issues with indexing forever and pausing. Update to the newest version now →

Open files the right way

Totally tabular! Now you can immediately open a file or folder to a shiny new tab by right-clicking and selecting the Open link in new tab option for a seamless and efficient experience. Right-click your way today →

Help shape the future

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