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How do I setup Sync with multiple users?

Sync can be setup for use with multiple users, computers and devices. This is typical in an office environment with employees or remote teams, where you need control over who has access to what.

1. Create a new Sync account

Click the signup button anywhere on the website to create an account. This account will become the admin account (you will add or invite additional users after you’ve setup the admin account).

2. Install the Sync desktop app on your computer


Download and install the Windows or OS X desktop application on your primary computer (the computer with the most files that you want to share). During installation select the attach to existing account option and enter your account username and password.

3. Sync your files and folders


The desktop app places a special Sync folder on your computer. Any files or folders you place inside the Sync folder will automatically be backed up (synced) to the cloud and can be easily shared with other users.

4. Create additional user accounts


If you’re setting up each user’s computer directly, download and install the Sync desktop app on each computer. During installation select the create new account option to create a new user account for each computer.

If you‘re not setting up each computer directly, you can add users remotely from your admin account, and they will be given instructions on how to install Sync (step 5).

5. Managing users and shared access


Sync provides a robust user management system that makes it easy to configure user level access control to your files. To get started, log in to the web interface with your admin account username and password:

You will see a listing of the files and folders that you’ve already added to Sync. Click the manage share icon beside any folder. This will allow you to control who has access to what.

If you add a user with an existing Sync account, the user will be prompted to join the share immediately. Otherwise, the user will be given instructions on how to create a Sync account and access the share.

At any time you can add or remove users from the shares. Sync keeps a copy of every change made to every file, allowing you to see who’s made changes, as well as view and restore any previous version. You’re always in control.


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