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How to identify what antivirus or firewall program is installed on Windows 10

Firewall and antivirus programs may block Sync from working properly. Here is how you can find out what firewall or antivirus software you may have running on your computer.


  1. Click on Start and type control panel on the search bar then click on the search result showing Control Panel Desktop app

  3. On the Control Panel window, click on View by: and select Small Icons (if it has not yet been set that way) then go to Security and Maintenance

  5. On the Security and Maintenance screen, open Security by clicking on the downward arrow to see a list of installed antivirus and firewall programs you may have running in the background


  6. For newer versions of Windows 10, you may have to click ‘View in Windows Security’ to see the antivirus program. To send a screenshot, click here.

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