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When Do You Feel In Sync?

July 22, 2021

Victoria Donovan
Content Specialist at Sync

Magical Moments in Sync

Being ‘in sync’ is more than a file in the cloud. It’s a feeling, it’s a rush. There’s actually a word for it: Synchromysticism. It’s defined as “the art of realizing meaningful coincidences in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance.” In this sense, it’s more than a feeling, it’s a magical moment! When you’re on the same wavelength, in a groove, or clicking with others, it’s synchromysticism, and it feels great!

When do we feel in sync?

In order to really get behind the technology, understanding the power of synchronization is key. Our team provided a variety of fun answers when asked when they feel most in sync:

  • “For me, it’s when every part of the meal I cook is ready at the same time.”
  • “I like when I pick up my kids just as the school bus drops them off, I don’t even have to get out of my car!”
  • “When I go to leave my apartment and the elevators are immediately there for me to use.”
  • “I feel in sync when both the washing and drying machines finish at the same time.”
  • “When I get all the green lights driving through town.”

These simple occurrences are so interesting and so powerful that they amuse us and leave a mark. It’s easy to take the timing of an elevator for granted. But synchromysticism allows us to see it as something particularly special even on an ordinary day.

In sync in big ways

Instances of being in sync aren’t just for those who seek them, and they aren’t just small moments. Sometimes they’re huge events so magical they become culturally iconic. From creating art to creating bonds to experiencing delightful moments in nature, the feeling is truly universal and powerful. These extraordinary moments are only a few examples of that magic:

  • In 1984 on one hectic day, a song was recorded: ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ 37 iconic singers and a crew squeezed together in a studio. The song went on to raise millions of dollars for aid during the Ethiopian famine. Songwriter Midge Ure said, “when I hear the song randomly on the radio or in the supermarkets or whatever, it still does the same thing to me—I still get that sensation of when that magic moment happened.”
  • Remember the Golden Goal scored by ice hockey legend Sydney Crosby at the 2010 Winter Olympics? That was a moment of insane synchrony. Reflecting on the team that didn’t have a lot of time to practice together before the Olympics began, Crosby noted that “we were playing as a group, it felt like it all came together … for whatever reason, it just started to click there.” The Olympics are also an interesting display of synchrony as people across the world watch events live and experience the emotions together. When that Crosby scored that goal, it seemed as though the entire country of Canada was in sync!
  • Great TV shows have great actors with great chemistry, and everyone can agree that FRIENDS was one of the greatest shows. “We felt from the first table read of the pilot, without having met any of the others beforehand, we all felt kind of an instant chemistry,” star David Schwimmer said. “I remember being incredibly impressed with the other five actors. I just thought this was the best casting I had ever seen or been a part of.” Jennifer Aniston agreed saying, “It was just something. It was unexplainable.” And the hit show was more than just the actors, as even the show’s creators were on the same wavelength. “Marta Kauffman and David Crane … came in and pitched the show in my office. They were so in sync,” said then Warner Bros President.
  • Fans lucky enough to attend Taylor Swift’s wildly successful 1989 Tour got LED bracelets that synced to the music, creating a magical, harmonious atmosphere for the millions of fans. These bracelets, a modern version of fans waving lighters to a song, added to the synchromysticism of the live show. Plus, they allowed for everyone’s faces to be visible from the light, creating bonds between the artist and fans.

Finding oneself in one of those magical moments and then being able to identify that it’s something special is really powerful. Even months or years after the event, you’re still able to recall how special those moments were. It’s relatable.

“It was so magical! I don’t know, I feel like there’s those God moments or universe moments, whatever you believe in, divine moments, and that was one of them,” — Julianne Hough on unexpectedly swimming with dolphins in April 2019
But why?

Our brains like synchronization. Humans biologically have an innate desire to connect with others. Our bodies respond to that by synchronizing brainwaves, heartbeats, and physical movements so we create more endorphins. From walking at the same pace to saying the same joke at the same time, our bonds with other people are strongest when we’re in sync. This creates trust and a feeling of community. It’s why military troops march in sync. Or why at halftime a coach will give a hearty pep talk to get a team on the same page.

Even animals get in sync a lot. From fireflies flashing in sync in Thailand to wrens singing delightful duets in sync, the desire to connect with others is evident everywhere you look.

Enjoy the moments

If you take anything from this article, hopefully it’s a new outlook on those simple moments of synchrony in your life. Embrace synchromysticism, because in a world of infinite possibilities, those moments where things align perfectly are magic. They allow you to be a part of something larger than yourself. And when you are connected with others on the same wavelength, you have the unlimited potential to do great things. Whenever and however you feel in sync, enjoy it.

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