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Zero knowledge: The smartest option

February 27, 2014

CEO at Sync

Zero Knowledge means smart storage.

When we talk about our “zero knowledge” storage environment, we’re usually asked how it’s even possible. We can describe how it’s technically possible, of course, but sometimes it’s easier to show how these advancements in storage technology can really change lives and business for the better.‘s mission is more than just storing your data — it’s about developing a cloud platform with security and privacy deep in its core. Your data is yours. We don’t read your data in transit, and it’s safe in an encrypted vault before it’s even saved to the hard disks on our servers.

For example, as the news around the world frequently reminds us, governments aren’t always allies. With, a political dissident can safely rally her cause without worrying about the government spying on her. Plans, media, paperwork and coordination can remain secret no matter where her supporters are in the world.

Teams come in all shapes and sizes, and all have different challenges. Even so, just knowing their data is safe, engineers at an innovative startup can work more efficiently with their most sensitive secrets just that — secret — without compromising their ability to work as a distributed team.

It doesn’t always have to be about secrets, either. The platform is designed just as much for ease-of-use as it is for security. As another example, students have a free, always-available way to do their classwork at home or at school — and even a way to turn it in to their professors using a public URL.

The society that the protestors, businesspeople, and students are all a part of needs art just as much. With, a musician can share his work with his collaborators, who can remix and improve the song in the same space.

The connections among these people are closer and more interwoven than you might think. These people are our neighbors, teachers, and leaders. Just like you, they all need a safe space for their digital lives. We think that real privacy — keeping the relationships between people and their data one-to-one — is not only the best way forward, but the only way forward.

When everything’s in sync, people communicate, share, and create a better society for all of us. It’s not just a throwaway line for us — we’re building a better way for people to store their most important information, and we think that’s a great start to building a better world.

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