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Advanced Tubular Technologies is a software development company creating cutting-edge tube measurement and fabrication technology. With a dedication to delivering world-class metrology where every millimeter matters, the ATT team needed world-class cloud storage that would enhance their collaborative workflow pipelines.

Innovating the industry

Delivering world-class metrology

Improving workflow efficiency

The Situation

Time down the drain

When it comes to software development innovation in the tube fabrication space, accuracy is critical. But the ATT team found the tools they were using for file storage, sharing, and collaboration didn’t accurately meet their needs. "We tried using Dropbox, Exavault, and FTP," said ATT President and Developer Michael Cone. "Constant technical difficulties were slowing us down." To get their workflows and pipelines back on track, they switched to Sync.

The Solution

For good measure

Sync was the light at the end of the tunnel for the ATT team, with their workflows immediately going from highly inaccurate to very precise. With Sync’s team shared folders feature, all ATT staff now have easy centralized file access from multiple office locations. "Sync helps our decentralized staff have effective workflows," said Cone. "Across all our offices, we all have access to the most up-to-date files."

Even better, Sync works seamlessly with ATT’s software build process, leading to quicker, faster output. "Sync utilizes less system resources compared to Dropbox, which gives our CPU a break," explained Cone. "And we no longer have to shut down our cloud software when building new releases." All big time-saving wins for ATT.

Client file sharing gets a boost too. With Sync Links, the ATT team delivers files faster, and more professionally, with their logo always on full display for clients to see. "Sync speeds up our complex distribution of software," Cone explained. "Sharing links to builds is easy to set up, and our branding is always there. It’s easy for us and non-intrusive for our clients."

Finally, Sync provides enterprise-grade peace of mind, with features including deleted file recovery, file version history, and account rewind. "Prior to Sync we had accidents where entire critical folders were deleted. Knowing we can simply recover it all with Sync is just…wow," Cone said. "Thank you so much!"

The Outcome

Totally tubular

Advanced Tubular Technologies VTube-LASER and VTube-STEP software raises the bar for tube measurement and fabrication with innovative measuring center software that is unlike anything in the industry. Sync raises the bar with file storage, sharing, and document collaboration features like no other. "We are all about introducing better ways to ensure the data is good and measurements are accurate," said Cone. "Sync gives us a better way to accurately manage our files."

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