Under the moniker of Mueo, contemporary artist Stuart Ward harnesses the power of digital to explore shapes, emotions, and aesthetics. From interactive installations to NFTs, he needed an awe-inspiring digital storage medium to keep his awe-inspiring digital art always backed up and never lost.

Creating awe-inspiring moments

Exploring the power of interactive art

Finding expression without physical boundaries

The Situation

Digital dilemma

Mueo is an Ancient Greek term meaning "to initiate into the mysteries." However, when it comes to digital assets, keeping it all safe from data loss shouldn’t be a mystery for content creators. For Stuart Ward, finding a cloud storage solution that could keep his production files and digital assets safe, secure, and always accessible was imperative. He first tried Dropbox but found their data security features limiting. "It’s important that my files are safe and secure. That’s why I moved away from Dropbox. I wanted my work to be protected," Ward said. Sync painted a better picture.

The Solution

State of the art technology

Just like the awe-inspiring moments people experience through art, switching to Sync was an awe-inspiring moment for Ward. With better data loss protection and access from anywhere, he can rest easy knowing his digital projects are readily available when inspiration strikes. "My work files are always there. There's no silly business about moving things to the cloud and having to wait for them to come back down when I want them," explained Ward.

With Sync installed on each computer, Stuart’s production files are backed up to the cloud in real-time, regardless of which application is running. From Photoshop to After Effects to Parsec RDP, Sync works behind the scenes to ensure nothing is lost. Even better, Sync includes up to 365 days of file version history, which makes reverting any brush stroke at any time easy. "I use multiple computers and programs, and never want to be worrying about hard drive crashes," said Ward.

Art deserves to be seen, and with Sync’s sharing features, sending large files, sharing on social media, and collaborating with collectors, commissioners, and fellow artists is simple. "Sync is easy for everyone to use," said Ward.

Finally, as an artist working on exciting new projects, Sync’s innovative security and data privacy features help keep Stuart’s work protected from unauthorized access. "As far as security concerns go, all artists have trade secrets, our special sauce, and we want to keep our process mysterious," said Stuart. "I can’t have my work leak before release, and Sync helps with that."

The Outcome

Down to an art

Using digital tools and techniques to express ideas previously restricted to the imagination is a tall order, but Ward makes it possible. And with Sync keeping every creative moment safe in the cloud, Ward can focus on bringing his digital art to life in a truly tangible way.

"I want to uncover how digital tools can elicit a neuroaesthetic response to optical illusion imagery," Ward explained. "I’m interested in exploring the sensorial triggers which create a sense of awe." Sync helps content creators like Ward remove the material limitations, and really get into the art.

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