MADPI GLOBAL is a full-service private investigation firm specializing in corporate risk mitigation and intelligence gathering. They provide first-class service to corporate and legal clients in Canada and around the world. With extremely private client data to protect, they needed a secure cloud storage solution that would help uphold their commitment to data integrity, security, and confidentiality.

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Delivering first-class private investigation services

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The Situation

Risky business

The client data that private investigators work with is extremely sensitive. For the team at MADPI GLOBAL, protecting sensitive client data wasn’t just a legal requirement, it was an ethical obligation they strongly believed in. But finding a cloud storage solution that could keep their data safe, secure, and private proved to be difficult. "We tested dozens of solutions, including Tresorit, Dropbox, Google Drive, and pCloud," explained President and CEO Roman Bazikalov. "None of them had everything we needed to keep our data safe." Sync proved to be a perfect fit.

The Solution

Securing the assets

Sync checks off all the security, privacy, and compliance boxes for MADPI GLOBAL. And with their data safely stored in the cloud, along with secure access from anywhere, they can focus on what they do best: delivering first-class private investigation services. "We use everything that Sync has to offer to work remotely without compromise," said Bazikalov.

Sync’s built-in data privacy compliance features enable MADPI GLOBAL to work with clients all around the world securely. PIPEDA compliance keeps their data safe in Canada. GDPR compliance allows the team to work across borders while staying fully compliant with regional data privacy rules and regulations. And strong encryption keeps their data protected from unauthorized access. "We’re based in Canada but serve clients all around the world. Sync allows us to deliver a fully global suite of private investigation services and stay compliant," explained Bazikalov.

With Sync, setting up secure team collaboration is easy. Shared folders give the entire MADPI GLOBAL team centralized access to their company files. And folder permissions including read-only, edit, and remote wipe give them the granularity they need to keep access organized. "Shared folders keep our team in sync and ensures everyone can access what they need," Bazikalov explained.

Sync’s secure links feature simplifies how MADPI GLOBAL shares confidential documents over email. They never have to expose sensitive information via risky email attachments. Secure email sharing includes password protection and the ability to revoke access even after clicking send, which helps MADPI GLOBAL build client trust. "We send password-protected Sync links instead of email attachments. It takes seconds to do," said Bazikalov. "Sync makes client file sharing files easy and secure."

Beyond sharing, Sync’s backup features help keep MADPI GLOBAL’s data safe from loss on multiple levels. File version history and deleted file recovery protects their data from hardware failure, ransomware, and accidents. Additionally, Sync Vault gives MADPI GLOBAL an archival storage space for long-term backups. "We don’t leave anything to chance. Sync provides great peace of mind," said Bazikalov.

The Outcome

Evidence of greatness

MADPI GLOBAL helps their clients resolve intricate legal issues with first-class private investigation services. Sync resolves MADPI GLOBAL’s intricate data protection needs by streamlining their file sync, sharing, and collaboration workflows with secure apps and unlimited cloud storage space. "Cloud storage is an indispensable tool in our industry. You can love it or hate it, but to stay ahead of the competition and keep your data completely confidential you need it," said Bazikalov. "Sync simply does the job better."

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