Re-Nuble is an agriculture technology company making the world a better place by enabling environmentally friendly, closed loop growing practices. With a commitment to sustainable agriculture, reduced carbon footprints, and green operations, Re-Nuble needed world-changing cloud storage that would work alongside them for good.

Safely reutilizing localized food waste

Changing farms' climate profiles through closed-loop agriculture

Transitioning growers towards cost-competitive, sustainable agriculture inputs

The Situation

Cultivating change

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for today’s agriculture industry—it’s the goal. But changing minds, like changing the world, is no easy task. For the Re-Nuble team, getting the word out meant choosing a cloud storage solution that enabled sharing. "With Re-Nuble being featured in the news, we needed a reliable way to share our press material," explained Re-Nuble’s Head of Business Development and Strategy, Riyana Razalee.

But not any cloud storage solution would do. They needed cloud storage that would keep their data safe, secure, and private. That’s where Sync’s world-changing commitment to better data security and privacy fit right in.

The Solution

Changing minds

Sync made getting the word out easy for Ru-Nuble. With Sync Links and unlimited data transfer, the Ru-Nuble team is now able to send documents securely to one or millions of people instantly, with no surprise fees. "We direct journalists to a secure link with our media kit and press information, and voila, they have everything they need!" Razalee said.

But unlimited file sharing isn’t the only way Ru-Nuble is using Sync’s secure cloud storage solution to change the world. Sync has become an integral part of their data workflows, with all of their data backed up securely in the cloud, and easily accessible from any device. "Sync is where we store all our sensitive company data and files. Specifically, keeping our customer data secure gives us peace of mind," Razalee said.

Sync has been a game-changer when it comes to remote access, with the Ru-Nuble team now able to easily access their files from anywhere. "It’s been a seamless experience, particularly with us being able to access everything on-the-go," explained Razalee.

The Outcome


Re-Nuble is committed to making an impact on the climate by helping farmers transition to carbon negative agriculture through the use of innovative technology. Sync is a part of that. "Our ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on society," Razalee said. "To make closed-loop agriculture the global norm."

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