Shawn Kanungo

Shawn Kanungo is an author and globally recognized innovation strategist whose insights on disruptive technology have been featured in The Globe & Mail, The Guardian, CBC, and CTV. In 2021, Shawn was named in Forbes as the "Best Virtual Keynote Speaker I’ve Ever Seen." With an award-winning creative team producing ground-breaking keynote content, Kanungo needed an award-winning cloud storage platform to help super-fuel creativity.

Inspiring growth through innovative disruption

Producing world-class cinematic keynote experiences

Changing the game

The Situation

A Dropbox disruption

True innovators are those brave enough to fundamentally reinvent themselves, challenge norms, and create change. For Shawn Kanungo, this meant disrupting the keynote space by delivering truly innovative cinematic experiences. But to do so, his team needed a sophisticated document collaboration platform, and Dropbox just wasn’t up to the task. "Producing next-level keynotes requires next-level production, and ironically, Dropbox was disrupting that for us," Kanungo said. To keep their creative process moving, they reinvented their cloud storage to get in Sync.

The Solution

Boldly syncing

Switching to Sync was the bold move Kanungo’s production team needed to inspire creativity. With Sync’s unlimited storage space, they have all the room they need to get their best work done, without worrying about limits. "We use Sync to store all the video files, storyboards, scripts, and digital assets that go into producing our phenomenal keynotes," said Kanungo.

Sync’s sharing and collaboration features are a key part of their creative process as well. Sync links make it easy for the team to work securely with outside collaborators, partners, and writers. And team shared folders ensure that everyone is always up-to-date, making Sync a true creative suite that meets all their needs. "Sync enables creativity. It’s fundamental for us," said Kanungo. "Sync makes it easy to see which files have been edited recently, so we are always up-to-date on documents and projects," he added.

The fact that Sync is Canadian is also a huge plus for Kanungo. "I love that Sync is Canadian! It’s the one last thing moment that seals the deal, because the security and peace of mind is outstanding," Kanungo explained.

The Outcome

New status quo

Bold Ones think, act, and build for a future they see. They fold their own understanding, confront ingrained ideas, innovate toward the future, and evolve in their careers. As Kanungo and his team make waves in the world of disruption, they rely on Sync to help them push innovation forward. "My goal is to impact the world. I want to help the world innovate. Sync speeds up this process and enables creativity. That’s bold."

Check out Shawn’s new bestselling debut book, The Bold Ones, which offers a playbook for individuals to boldly push their careers and companies forward through innovative disruption.

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