Lepage Marcil David

Lepage Marcil David (LMD) is a Montréal-based boutique forensic accounting firm specializing in fraud investigation, business insurance claims, and litigation support. With highly confidential client assets to protect, they needed a secure cloud storage solution that would help keep their data safe, secure, and always in Canada.

Carrying out complex forensic accounting assignments

Delivering high-quality services

Using the right resources in the right place

The Situation

Compounding costs

The client data that forensic accountants work with is incredibly sensitive. For the team at LMD, protecting client privacy, reputation, assets, and evidence was paramount to delivering the best service. Initially, LMD used an on-premise file server, but this required spending thousands per year in server, networking, and IT maintenance. These high costs prevented LMD from delivering the best possible value to their clients and hindered productivity.

"We consider ourselves innovators in our field and we wanted to adopt technology that combined maximum flexibility, security, and Canadian data residency with minimal fixed costs," said Senior Partner Luc Marcil. Sync fit the bill perfectly.

The Solution

Value analysis

Switching to Sync was easy, and getting rid of their in-office file server was even easier. With their files stored safely in the cloud, the LMD team is now working securely from any device, anywhere, anytime. "All in all, switching to Sync has given our team a huge boost in productivity!" said Marcil.

Sync’s shared folder feature makes it easy for the LMD team to give external collaborators such as legal advisors and law enforcement secure access to working files, all fully managed with granular access controls per user, per folder, which keeps client data protected from unauthorized access. "Shared folders are easy to setup and manage, allowing our team to work collaboratively with anyone, on any project," Marcil explained.

LMD’s client file sharing experience is now easier and more professional too. Sync’s custom branding capabilities put their company logo and brand colors on full display when sharing, delivering a more professional and trustworthy client file portal experience. "We absolutely love Sync’s file sharing and upload features" commented Marcil. "With our old file server, delivering this type of client file sharing experience was not really possible."

Compared to their on-premise file server, Sync really does give more for less. Because with Sync Pro Teams Unlimited, the LMD team will never run out of storage space again, providing significant cost savings. "The price per user for unlimited storage is simply unbeatable!" Marcil said. "We’re talking about thousands of dollars saved, which allows us to deliver so much more value, and scale up without incurring hefty infrastructure costs and IT fees."

Most important for LMD is Sync’s included Canadian data residency and PIPEDA data privacy compliance – a must for any Canadian organization storing highly confidential data in the cloud. "Making sure that our client data is out of reach from foreign authorities is a must for our organization, and Sync delivers by being 100% Canadian," explained Marcil.

The Outcome

Professional accounting bar none

LMD is dedicated to using the right resources in the right place. And with Sync’s innovative, Canadian cloud storage, this expert forensic accounting team now provides the best possible service, with the best possible data protection. "With Sync, we get the best of both worlds. Our data is always available, and the system is totally transparent to our users," Marcil said. "Which means we can focus on doing what we do best – providing the highest quality forensic accounting service and best value for our clients."

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