Solasta Psychological Services

Solasta Psychological Services is a modern mental health collective helping individuals live their best lives. With a commitment to providing a safe space for healing, change and growth, they needed a secure cloud storage solution committed to keeping their client data safe.

Providing a compassionate and inclusive safe space

Cultivating mental health well-being

Keeping data safe

The Situation

Seeking safety

The path to positive mental wellness outcomes involves creating a safe space for healing, change and growth. Healthcare providers must ensure confidential client health data is safely stored. For Solasta, this meant choosing a cloud storage service that would enable secure document storage, sharing, and collaboration with data privacy compliance built-in. "Given the sensitive nature of our work, it is paramount that our confidential client information is protected against unauthorized access," remarked Dr. Carol-Anne Hendry, Executive Director and Clinical Psychologist at Solasta. For total peace-of-mind, they chose Sync.

The Solution

Comprehensive compliance

Sync checks off all the safe space data protection requirements for Solasta: built-in data privacy compliance, encryption, and access control features designed to mitigate the concerns of healthcare organizations big or small.

Sync includes both HIPAA and PHIPA compliance, the latter of which helps Solasta meet regional data privacy regulations when storing their protected health information (PHI) in the cloud. Data breach notifications, audit logs, and access notifications are all included. "Sync helps us stay compliant with PHIPA," explained Dr. Hendry. "For healthcare providers in Ontario, this is a must."

Beyond better data privacy compliance, the Solasta team now collaborates and shares more effectively too. Sync’s team shared folder and secure link features make it easy for Solasta clinicians and staff to work together on research, share therapeutic tools, and deliver comprehensive client assessments in real-time. All from any computer or device, and all while keeping their data safe. "Our collaborative approach to everything we do, facilitated by Sync's seamless sharing and collaboration capabilities, results in positive client outcomes!" said Dr. Hendry. "Sync allows us to focus entirely on our primary objective: delivering top-notch psychological services," continued Dr. Hendry.

The Outcome

The safe space to get their best work done

Solasta believes in harnessing the power of modern technology to complement the human-centric services they offer. "Sync helps us work smarter, ensuring that we do make a genuine difference in people's lives," exclaimed Dr. Hendry. "It's that beautiful synergy of technology and human connection that promises brighter days for mental wellness."

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