Bronte Bay CPA Professional Corporation

The Bronte Bay team of Chartered Professional Accountants helps businesses grow and entrepreneurs succeed by combining innovative technology with personalized financial advice. With clients all over Canada, Bronte Bay needed a trustworthy Canadian cloud tech solution to help keep their client data safe, secure, and private. Dropbox simply wasn’t an option.

Keeping client data safe, secure, and private

Utilizing innovative technology to build client trust

Helping businesses succeed

The Situation

A country conundrum

When it comes to the kind of confidential client data that financial advisors are entrusted with every day, security is imperative. Protecting client data from unauthorized access is priority number one. Building client trust though the use of innovative technology meant that Bronte Bay needed a Canadian tech solution. One that included PIPEDA compliance, data residency, and strong encryption to keep their data safe. "We were considering Dropbox," said founder Subhash Sharma. "We were worried about the security and the fact that the client data is stored on US servers." Storing customer outside of Canada wasn’t a risk Sharma was willing to take.

The Solution

Truly Canadian cloud storage, eh?

The switch to Sync for cloud storage in 2017 was an easy decision for Bronte Bay. "Sync gives us the comfort that our client data is secure and in Canada," Sharma said. "We love the fact that all data is stored on Canadian servers." Between Canadian data residency, PIPEDA compliance, and encryption that protects against unauthorized access, the Bronte Bay team knew their client data was safe with Sync.

Sync’s innovative technology also gave Bronte Bay a significant boost in productivity. Team Shared Folders and the Sync folder desktop app became an integral part of their internal and external workflows. "We use Sync for team collaboration," Sharma explained. "We work on our files directly from the desktop app." Everything and everyone is always up-to-date and instantly in Sync.

The Outcome

Complete peace of mind

"We’ve been using Sync for over four years now. It’s been a very pleasant journey," said Sharma. With Sync keeping their client data safe, the Bronte Bay team is focused on building client trust and delivering success. That peace of mind is priceless.

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