Coding Friends

Coding Friends is a group of three highly skilled app developers based out of Berlin. Merging passion with expertise, they build beautiful, intuitive apps for digital agencies, research institutions, the public sector, and start-ups. Working in the EU and with confidential client data to protect, they needed secure cloud storage that would keep their data safe.

Building beautiful, intuitive apps for Mac, iOS, and Slack

Merging their passion and skill to bring apps to life

Keeping confidential client data protected

The Situation

Seeking security

Data privacy protection is of the utmost importance for any company entrusted with confidential client data, and this was especially true for Coding Friends. "We would not want to store our business and customer data unencrypted," said co-founder Gabriel Reimers. Strong encryption helps protect their documents and contracts from unauthorized access, and for Coding Friends, this level of security was a must. Furthermore, as a company operating out of the EU, data privacy compliance was another requirement. "We needed to comply with the strict regulations of GDPR," said Reimers. Sync was the solution.

The Solution

App-ealing data privacy compliance, security, and collaboration

"The killer Sync feature for us is end-to-end encryption," said co-founder Anna Neovesky. "We can store our most sensitive data in the cloud and be certain that nobody else has access." And with Sync taking care of data security and GDPR compliance, Coding Friends can do more of what they do best: bringing innovative app ideas to life.

Security and compliance weren’t the only benefits. Sync's large file support made their app development process easier too. "Git is not a suitable location to store large media files, so we keep all our large image and video files on Sync," Reimers explained.

The Sync desktop app also improved internal and external file collaboration for the Coding Friends team. "The seamless Mac integration means that when we are on a call together, we’re all working from the same documents within seconds, which is great," said co-founder Julius Peinelt. Sync’s built-in sharing features even improved the company’s business operations. "We use Sync to share files with our financial advisor, making bookkeeping much easier," Neovesky added. With Sync their data is always safe, secure, and protected.

The Outcome

Friends who sync together, stay together

"Sync has been an integral part of our workflows for many years," said Peinelt. "We can’t live without it!" added Reimers. As the team continues to bring new software ideas to life, they know that Sync is there to keep their work protected. It’s the app-solutely perfect cloud storage software for them.

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