Fujiabra Films

Fujiabra Films produces beautiful, high-quality wedding cinematography for the wildly in love. With a passion for capturing special moments, and a dedication to preserving the beauty and emotion on film, they needed a high-quality cloud storage solution that would preserve all the footage without fail.

Delivering timeless keepsakes

Capturing life’s most special moments

Producing beautiful wedding cinematography

The Situation

Wedding day jitters

From the first kiss to the last toast, wedding videographers are responsible for capturing every single magical moment. And with so many exciting moments happening all at once, recording everything requires a lot of storage space. For Fujiabra Films founder Dominick Anskis, finding a cloud service that could reliably store terabytes of raw video footage wasn’t easy. "We tried Google and Dropbox, but both constantly crashed and failed," said Anskis. "That’s when we discovered Sync’s Unlimited cloud storage." Sync captured every moment perfectly.

The Solution

Ceremonious Sync

Switching to Sync immediately solved Fujiabra Films’ large-scale storage problems. Backing up their massive amounts of photos and video footage to the cloud is now quick and easy. "The way Sync instantly backs all of our footage makes it so easy to use," said Anskis. "It’s a major improvement over the other platforms we tried."

As wedding videographers know, 4K video files get very large very fast, and a large-scale storage solution is needed to capture all of it. Sync’s Pro Teams Unlimited plan gives Fujiabra Films the flexibility to record every single moment, and sort through it all later, resulting in video storytelling that goes above and beyond. "With unlimited storage, we upload massive amounts of footage and never have to worry about running out of space," said Anskis. "It’s a game-changer for sure."

The Fujiabra Films team also loves how organized Sync allows them to be. Sync’s mobile and web apps give them the tools they need to keep their client files sorted and accessible, and Sync Vault provides long-term archival storage for past projects. And with secure remote access, managing their files on location at destination weddings is an absolute breeze. "Other platforms frustrated us," Anskis commented. "But we particularly love how easy staying organized is with Sync."

The Outcome

A perfect union

Fujiabra Films produces truly magical wedding reels that reflect the love, joy, and beauty of those very special days. And Sync helps them capture every single moment, big or small, without fail. "We work hard to capture every special moment and deliver timeless keepsakes," said Anskis "Sync’s unlimited storage is our go-to for protecting them in the cloud." It’s the icing on the cake.

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